At Cinemas: Let them go, let them go!

For those with bleeding ears on account of their little humans who, since Christmas 2013, have been wailing about ‘building snowmen’ and ‘letting it go’, Disney has devised a cunning carrot to tempt you into the cinemas this week. Cinderella has been reimagined as a live action feature and in case you’re not convinced, there’s added incentive with an all new Frozen short film that precedes the main feature. 

Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon has no ugly sisters nor does she lose a glass slipper, but her underdog protagonist does lose a hiking boot during the opening of Wild, an adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s memoirs during her 1,000-mile hike across America. The film is reviewed this week.

Outside the multiplexes, you’ll find Cinemateket – Copenhagen’s beacon for great cinema both new and old – in the midst of its third Musikfilm Festival, which by way of screenings, parties and live events, the festival explores the relationship between film and music.

If you hurry, there’s still time to catch Steven Sebring’s award-winning Patti Smith documentary Dream of Life on Friday at 21:45 and also Stop Making Sense, Jonathan Demme’s 1984 film of Talking Heads live on stage (dubbed ‘the Citizen Kane of concert movies’), on Saturday at 20:15 – along with several others. The festival runs until March 15. 

On Sunday at Cinemateket, they continue their bimonthly screening of Danish films with English subtitles. This week’s showing is The Absent One (Fasandræberne), a crime drama that follows the reopening of a 20-year-old murder case involving two young twins found butchered in a summer house. The film starts 14.15 and an extra 40kr will get you coffee and a pastry. For a full Cinematek program visit

If murder mysteries don’t stimulate your senses, then why not take an erotic ride on John Cameron Mitchell’s comedy Shortbus (2006) at a special event over at Huset. The film starts 19:30 on Saturday and 70kr will cover the film, a racy live performance (in the Shortbus spirit) and a welcome drink. See for full details. (MW)