SAS once again found guilty of age discrimination against pilots

For the second time in six months, the high court has ordered SAS to pay damages for wrongful dismissal

SAS has once again been found guilty of discriminating against certain pilots during a round of layoffs. This time the discrimination affected the youngest pilots

The high court ruled today that four pilots must be compensated with six months salary for being fired by SAS because they were the youngest pilots.

Six months salary is equivalent to 350,000 kroner per pilot. Meanwhile, all of the pilots have since been rehired. 

Admitted discrimination
The case had also been litigated in district court, where it was decided that SAS would pay the sacked pilots nine months worth of  salary. The airline appealed against the judgment.

SAS acknowledged that the dismissal was discriminatory, but questioned whether the four pilots should receive financial compensation.

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This is the second time in six months that SAS has been found guilty of age discrimination. Six pilots who were dismissed due to their age in 2008 received 300,000 kroner each in 2014 for wrongful dismissal.