Three young people from eastern Jutland feared to have travelled to Syria

Police say two young women and a man have left for the Middle East

East Jutland Police are reporting that two 21-year-old women and a 23-year-old man from east Jutland have travelled to Syria. 

“The man has been in one of our programs and has been a challenge,” Allan Aarslev from East Jutland Police told Berlingske. “We have offered advice and explained that going to Syria is not a good idea, but it obviously hasn't worked.”

Tried to leave for Syria before
Police believe the man has attempted to travel to Syria before.

Aarslev said that the police have been keeping tabs on the young man and always knew there was a risk that he would travel.

The man is believed to have left with one of the women. They are believed to be connected to the controversial Grimhøj Mosque. A source inside the mosque confirmed to Berlingske that the two have travelled to Syria.

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Meanwhile, the other 21-year-old woman is from Grenaa and believed to be making her own way to Syria.

Aarhus is internationally known for its anti-radicalisation model in which the municipality, psychologists, police, mentors, and councillors work together to keep young people from being radicalised.