A flexible, modern way of teaching Danish

At the UCplus language centre located at Københavns Kulturcenter, Drejervej 15 in Copenhagen, they understand students live in a modern, busy world and that offering a flexible, mobile education is the best way to ensure students learn Danish quickly and effectively. 

They combine classroom learning with online opportunities that help students through the first 250 hours of their Danish education.

“We know that students have lives and need to keep up with work, studies and family,” said UCplus section head Marianne Weischer. “We work to understand the practical aspects of an education and set up the perfect plan for our students.”

UCplus’s Copenhagen location offers daytime, evening and Saturday classes. And online learning is available through the online learning site flexidansk.dk.

A free tablet
The Copenhagen centre is approved by the municipality to offer the first 250 hours of Danish education (the free of charge limit eligible students are entitled to). Students who complete the first 100 hours are given a free tablet computer to help with their online immersion in Danish.

“We believe that the most effective way – perhaps the only real way – to learn Danish is to use it every day in real world situations,” said Weischer. “The tablets are a way to help students stay plugged in when they are outside the classroom.”

UCplus also offers Danish lessons throughout the city – directly at workplaces – and are ready and willing to come where students need instruction, even after working hours. 

Students are able to take Danish classes for free at UCplus if they have a Danish CPR number, if they are a foreign student or employee in Denmark, or married to a foreign employee in Denmark.

Simplifying the process
The knowledgeable staff at UCplus can answer any questions you may have and help you to negotiate all of the paperwork needed to help with a CPR number, find out what the municipality offers, and get you up and learning as simply and quickly as possible. Students are invited to stop by anytime to get answers to any questions they may have.

“We know that the bureaucracy can sometimes seem overwhelming,” said Weischer. “Our staff can answer any question that a student may have about the school, the municipality, how to get a CPR number – anything that will make getting an education easier.”

Those interested should contact Lotte, either by calling 4487 0166 or via email at lr@ucplus.dk.

The UCplus language centre in Copenhagen is located just 300 metres from Nørrebro Station, with easy access to any number of bus and train lines.

New classes start at UCplus every week.