Denmark sets aside more aid for Syrian victims

Danish aid to Syria closing in on 1 billion kroner

The Danish government has earmarked a further 90 million kroner to help the victims of the Syrian conflict, which entered its fifth year over the weekend.

The trade and development minister, Mogens Jensen, said that 50 million kroner will be going to Danish air organisations – both those that operate in Syria or work through local partners with access to the vulnerable and more inaccessible areas of the country.

“People in Syria are living in deplorable conditions without access to homes, food and drink, and they die from basic illnesses as almost all public infrastructure has collapsed,” Jensen said.

“As long as no political solution can be found, the only thing to do is to help the civilians whose lives have been ripped to shreds by the conflict.”

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Borders closed
According to Jensen, 7 to 8 million people are displaced in Syria and many are unable to escape the war-torn nation because neighbouring countries have closed most of their borders due to the enormous floods of refugees.

The remaining 40 million kroner will go to the World Food Programme (15 million kroner), the UN's Refugee Agency UNHCR (15 million kroner) and the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA (10 million kroner).

The latest aid package means that Denmark has now given almost 1 billion kroner in humanitarian aid to the victims of the Syrian conflict.