Tourist finds 30 pearls in a single oyster plucked from Vadehavet

It turned out to be a lot more than dinner on the plate

A woman hunting for oysters in Vadehavet, a shallow sea off the coast of Jutland, found 30 pearls in an oyster that she had collected to grill and eat on the beach.

“There's something in here, she said, and spat out a few pearls,” Benny Thomsen, a guide on the ‘oyster safaris’, told DR Syd.

A whole necklace in one bite
The woman kept finding more and more pearls in her dinner, until eventually a total of 30 were lying on her plate.

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Thomson said that he had been oystering for many years, and had only found three single pearls at three different times.

“To find 30 in one oyster, it seems wrong somehow,” said Thomsen. “I think this must be the Danish record. It’s totally crazy.”