Only two of the financial sector’s 25 highest-paid executives are women

Berlingske Business lists the best remunerated in the industry

Berlingske Business has compiled a top-25 list of the highest-paid executives in the financial sector in Denmark. As well as the sheer magnitude of the leaders’ pay packets – Nordea’s head Christian Clausen takes home a colossal 23.5 million kroner all told – a notable feature of the list is the scarcity of female names.

There are just two women on the list: Sydbank’s Karen Frøsig in 16th place and the head of Industriens Pension, Laila Mortensen, who came in at number 23.

Clausen, who tops the list, heads Swedish bank Nordea. Peter Lybecker, the head of the bank’s Danish operations, also features in seventh place.