Young man arrested in connection to February terror attacks

Police are raiding apartments in and around Copenhagen in search for cues related to the terror attacks in mid-February

Copenhagen Police have detained a young man suspected of being involved in the terrorist attacks by gunman Omar El-Hussein in the capital on February 14 and 15.

The defendant, who was arrested today at 10:38, is scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing at a city court tomorrow.

In relation to his arrest, the police are searching five locations in and around Copenhagen.

El-Hussein killed two people after opening fire on a free speech debate and a synagogue in Copenhagen.

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Looking for more cues
According to the leading police investigator, Jørgen Skov, today’s actions have nothing to do with Tuesday’s raids, when the police searched eight apartments in the city.

"We are looking for further clues," Skov stated.

On February 27, El-Hussein's brother was arrested and charged with complicity in the case, while two other men, also charged with complicity, had their detention time prolonged by four more weeks at the end of February.