Two dead and scores wounded in Gothenburg shooting

Police have yet to make any arrests in what is considered a gang-related shooting

Two people have been killed and up to 15 wounded after two people entered a bar and began firing automatic weapons in Gothenburg, Sweden on Wednesday night.

The Swedish police have yet to make any arrests in what is believed to be a gang-related shooting that left two young men, aged 20-25, dead.

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Gang-related suspicions
According to one witness, two masked shooters wielding AK 47 Kalasjnikov rifles entered the bar and opened fire at the crowd that had gathered to watch a Champions League football match last night. They then fled in a car.

”The car and suspects have yet to be located and the bar is closed off for technical investigations,” the Gothenburg police have revealed.

The area in Gothenburg where the shooting occurred, Vårväderstorget, has been plagued by gang-related crime for some time now.

The incident followed an earlier one in after at least two people were injured in a shooting at the Fields shopping centre in Copenhagen.