Swedish series goes stateside with the slob

TV3+, Sat 22:00

Rainn Wilson (The Office) has found himself another disdainful role, this time in the comedic crime series Backstrom, a US adaptation of a Swedish crime series by Leif GW Persson.

Set in Portland, Oregon, Wilson is Everett Backstrom, an overweight, offensive detective who leads a team of eccentric criminologists. 

We watch in only mild amusement as Backstrom struggles with a vast array of self-destructive tendencies, balancing his role as the ‘brilliant asshole’ we all love to hate. Or do we – his staggering racism and misogynistic tendencies ensure he is absurdly easy to dislike – in contrast to Dwight in The Office who we all truly love to hate. 

Backstrom scraped 51 on Metacritic, but don’t let these figures deter you. Those who enjoyed it praised Wilson for his excellent performance in the role as the cynical detective. 

Where the series falls short is the somewhat dry and diluted ‘cop humour’ and predictable storylines that render Backstrom as yet another Scandinavian detective drama repurposed for an English-speaking audience.

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The Returned (US version)

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Sport of the week

Man City’s season is dismantling: anything other than a win against a rejuvenated WBA (K6, Sat 13:00) will see them in the dogfight for CL places along with Liverpool and Man Utd who play each other on Sunday. Elsewhere, we’ve got the final of Indian Wells and Denmark take on the USA in a friendly. (BH)

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