Greenland sending Denmark an unwelcome gift

Cold temperatures and possibly snow ahead for the weekend courtesy of our friends from the north

Greenland has been enduring its coldest and snowiest winter for more than 50 years, and it has decided to share the wealth with Denmark.

Greenland’s capital city of Nuuk ended in January with an average temperature of -10.7 °C, over 3 °C cooler than normal. February was almost 4 °C colder than normal and the first half of March has been freezing with an average temperature of -15.0 °C. March temperatures in Greenland usually average -8.0 °C.

Snow, really?
While milder conditions are on their way to Greenland, the cold air masses they have been living under are headed to Scandinavia this weekend.

In Denmark, that adds up to rain today, which might actually show up as sleet or snow in some parts of the country over the course of Friday night and Saturday morning. Tomorrow will be raw and windy with hard northeasterly winds and temperatures of only 4-5 °C. Temperatures are then expect to plummet to -5 °C across the whole country on Saturday night.

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Warm up on the way
The sun will make an appearance and the winds will diminish on Sunday, but daytime highs will only be about 5 °C and temperatures will drop below freezing over night.

Temperatures should rebound next week.