New air route off to a slow start

Too many empty seats on flights between Esbjerg and Copenhagen

The new air route between Esbjerg and Copenhagen is off to a slow start. According to Mikael Marstal – the managing director of ES Air, the company that operates the route – the seats need to be filled by more business passengers.

“Before we started, we did some research on how many people would use the route,” Marstal told DR Nyheder. “We are below what we projected, so we need more passengers.”

Need more business flyers
The route started flying on March 2 and during the first few weeks, although interest from private travellers has been high, the airline is short on business customers.

“We are directing our attention to the business community in Esbjerg and in southwest Jutland, which we believe could make excellent use of the route,” Marstal said. 

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ES Air will re-evaluate the route between Esbjerg and Copenhagen in late June ahead of making a decision about keeping it flying.

“It costs some money to maintain a route like this,” said Marstal. “We are not looking to turn a huge profit, but it should be able to break even. We will use the next months to see if that is possible.”