It is your destiny to discover Karma Sushi

Like all good karma, it leaves its signature on your heart

It was one of the mildest evenings of the year so far, full of whispers promising the coming of spring, as my friend and I parked our bikes in front of Karma Sushi’s inviting high-end facade. 

We were greeted with an even warmer welcome by the incredibly friendly and attentive staff, who guided us to our table as we took in the restaurant’s tasteful and elegant interior design. 

Perfection in every detail
If there is one thing many diners associate with Japanese culture, it’s perfection to the last detail. 

It is a philosophy Karma Sushi has evidently internalised, as the water that was brought to our table was infused with lemon, lime, cucumber and mint, and we couldn’t help but notice that even the chopsticks were made from a high quality wood.

While we scrolled through the menu as if it were a map of different routes leading to tasty little treasures we couldn’t possibly pick between, we were served the Mono cocktail.

Tropical explosion
Now it has to be pointed out that I don’t and never have drunk alcohol, as I don’t like the taste. However the Mono cocktail combined fresh passion fruit, sea-buckthorn, lemon and vodka in such a truly delicious manner that it had the power to convert me for a night.

The waiter then thankfully came to our salvation and recommended Karma Sushi’s signature menu (Signaturen) to us.

It was without a doubt the right choice.

Balancing act of genius
Instead of everything coming to the table at once, the Signaturen is served in four courses. The dishes that come together in each course are perfectly matched and complement each other for a sensation that our taste buds will find hard to forget. 

First a wakami side salad accompanied the king crab and Norway lobster miso soup. The almonds in the seaweed salad added a brilliant crunch, and the miso soup was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Things then got better and better. Some Baerii kaviar accompanied by avocado carpaccio sprinkled with crunchy goodness was accompanied by sizzling salmon sashimi with salmon roe, scallion, lime and truffle crème. It left us bedazzled. 

And then, as the tempura shrimp salad topped with chilli crème, cress and spicy sesame arrived together with the cooked and split king crab with Japanese mayonnaise, we thought that was surely the most glorious of endings.

We were to be proven wrong though, as barely had we come down to Earth following the consumption of the succulent and tender white meat of the king crab legs, then two plates of sushi arrived that included tuna tatami, rainbow rolls, sizzling tuna rolls, karma crunch and other heavenly culinary jewels. 

“Only a litter please”

When we were asked if we had any wishes at the end of our meal, the only thing that seemed reasonable at this point was a litter to carry us home, so as to pay the food the respect it was due. Luckily, our bikes proved just as adept at the job. 

While everything about our dining experience at Karma Sushi merged into one whole evening of bliss, every little piece of it was an event on its own.

If you only have one night in Copenhagen and want to know where to go dine out, this really is the place to hit up!

Karma Sushi
Peder Skrams Gade 15, Cph K; open Sun-Thu 16:00-22:00, Fri & Sat 16:00-23:00; Signaturen set menu: 845kr (appropriate for 2-4 diners), 9 pieces of sushi: 135kr, 16ps: 235kr, 26ps: 335kr; 4445 4545,;