Youth unemployment in Denmark falling dramatically

Fall is the biggest in Europe over the past year

Unemployment among young people in Denmark has fallen more than any other country in Europe, according to the latest figures from EU statistics keepers Eurostat.

In January 2015, 10.8 percent of Danes under 25 were unemployed – a 23 percent drop from the 14.1 percent who were unemployed in January 2014.

“It's very positive to see that unemployment among people under the age of 25 has fallen by almost a quarter in the past year,” Henrik Dam Kristensen, the employment minister, told Momentum, the newsletter of the local government association, KL.

“Young people have a long working life ahead of them and the costs for the individual and society are immense if the young people end up getting stuck in unemployment.”

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Fifth in Europe
The development means Denmark now has the fifth lowest unemployment rate among young people out of the 30 European nations that are part of the report. Only Germany, Norway, Iceland and Austria have lower unemployment figures among youngsters.

Despite improved economies, unemployment among young people increased in Britain, Slovenia, France, Finland and Malta over the same time period.