Esbjerg route shutting down after less than a month

ES Air pulls plug 28 days after launch

Less than a month ago there was good news for commuters looking to travel between Copenhagen and Esbjerg as the first flight route in 15 years opened up between the two cities.

Now, less than a month later, operator ES-air has revealed that it will shut down the route on Monday, March 30 due to a lack of customers.

The passengers affected will be contacted directly and all customers with unused tickets will be fully refunded.

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Short re-evaluation
Just five days ago, Mikael Marstal – the managing director of ES Air – said that more seats needed to be filled by business passengers and that the airline would re-evaluate the route in June. That evaluation and decision turned out to take only five days.

“Before we started, we did some research on how many people would use the route,” Marstal told DR Nyheder then. “We are below what we projected.”