Spring mussel season off to a strong start

Limfjord fisherman seeing more meat and reaping higher prices

The spring mussel season on Limfjorden is off to a good start. Fisherman say that the tasty bivalves are both plentiful and loaded with meat, which should helps them command a higher price.

“It is going well; fast loads and fine lean meat,” Bo Kjeldgaard, the head of the Limfjord Fishermen Association, told DR Nyheder.

“The meat content we have now amounts to 200 kilos of meat per tonne of cleaned mussels. And that's good,” Kjeldgaard said.

Prices up
The fishermen are currently selling their goods for 20-25 percent more than last year.

“That means we can get our economies back in order after a long winter," Kjeldgaard said.

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There are about 30 active clam vessels working in Limfjorden and about 300 jobs depend on the industry.