Body Parts

March 29-April 1, performances Sun 14:00 (sold out), Mon-Wed 10:00 & 11:30; Dansekapellet, Bispebjerg Torv, Cph NV; tickets 125kr, under-25s: 55kr, group concessions available,; 30 mins, 4-8 years;

This month, Uppercut Danseteater will transform Dansekapellet into a mystical scene of monsters and the make-believe as part of its new stage production, Body Parts. The humorous horror tale takes contemporary dance and turns it into an original piece of art that will appeal to the imaginations of children all over Denmark. 

Scheduled to premiere on March 29, choreographer Louise Seloy has produced a tale that showcases Uppercut Dance Theatre’s unique fusion of contemporary dance and breakdance with a hint of childish innocence and naivety. 

The story begins as a big sister and little brother lie in their beds, tucked in for the night. Bored of trying to sleep, they begin to tell each other stories. But soon, these stories morph into a twisted reality. 

Suddenly, their bodies take on a mind of their own. The hand moves to beat the little brother, and the feet crawl mysteriously to places they should not. 

Funny but frightening, this is a tale about the terrifying things that can happen after dark. 

“We have made a show that recreates the mood of the childhood bedroom after the lights have been turned out,” explained Louise Seloy, the theatre’s Artistic director. 

“It’s a bit scary, but what could be more fun, than playing and cuddling up?”

Body Parts promises to be an exhilarating mix of dance, comedy, horror and fantasy – a performance not to be missed.