Ryan Gosling helping to inspire successful Danish personal shoppers

The Cloakroom looking to further expand in the near future

The Danish personal clothing shop The Cloakroom, which has rocketed to success in just short two years, was founded based on inspiration from Hollywood star Ryan Gosling.

The company's co-founder Kasper Brandi became inspired after reading in a magazine that a personal shopper had spruced up Gosling's look.

”I was in LA and read in a magazine that Ryan Gosling was a goof before the film 'The Notebook', but then he got a personal shopper and was named Hollywood's most well-dressed man,” Brandi told Metroxpress newspaper. ”That's the experience our personal shoppers should give our customers.”

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Seems to be working
The Cloakroom was started up by Brandi and his partner Asbjørn Jørgensen in Amsterdam in 2013 after no investor could be found in Denmark.

Fortunately, a South African businessman living in the Netherlands came up with the funding, and since then, the company hasn't looked back and now helps style clothes for men in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The company enjoys a turnover in the two-figure millions and further expansion is on the horizon. The plan is to be present in all western European countries four years from now.

The Cloakroom has had a showroom on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen since September last year.

Fact Box

– The Concept: Via The Cloakroom, customers are matched with a personal shopper who, based on customer information, assembles a clothing package that is then sent to the customer. The customer only needs to pay for the clothes they choose to keep. The rest can be retunred for free

– The Cloakroom co-operates with a number of known brands, including Tiger of Sweden, Paul Smith, Filippa K, Hugo Boss and about 40 other brands

– It has 60 employees, including 40 personal shoppers (10 in Denmark)