Frustrated regional policemen dropping burglary cases in their own backyard to help out Copenhagen

Cases put on hold while officers assist colleagues in the capital

Since the terror attacks in Copenhagen in mid-February, five regional police districts from Zealand and Funen have been providing manpower to support their fellow officers in the capital. 

On Monday, the districts found out that their help would be needed until at least September.

Frustration among officers is growing
The news added to the growing frustration among the affected officers – many of whom spend up to 15 hours a day travelling to and from the capital and working a shift.

Tom Steffensen, the president of North Zealand Police, has encountered frustration among his officers, but explained that "there is a reason why we are there".

Local police work is piling up
Meanwhile, a lot of the police work in the districts has been put on standby as there are not enough personnel to carry it out.

Kaj Rassmusen, the president of South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police, admitted "there are consequences for the work of local police, such as burglary cases and thefts".

Similarly, Mogens Heggelund, the president of Mid and West Zealand Police, noted that case piles and the processing time have been growing.