Two men shot dead in Malmö

Evidence suggests the killings may be gang-related but investigation still continues

Two fatal shootings have taken place in the space of three days in the city of Malmö in southern Sweden.

On Tuesday, a 20-year-old man was shot multiple times at a shopping centre.  

Although the victim was wearing a bulletproof vest, he suffered fatal injuries and died. 

Malmö Police described the event as an execution and have arrested a former member of the Outlaws gang in connection with the shooting.

Shot and killed next to church
Two days later, on Thursday night, a shooting took place near Saint Mary's Church in the centre of the city, where another young man was shot. 

He was also hit by several bullets and it was not possible to save his life. He was pronounced dead on his arrival at hospital.  

It is not yet known whether the two murders are connected.  Police investigations are ongoing.