Municipalities send out thousands of faulty Danish passports

Missing fingerprints could result in travellers being stopped at passport control

A technical error has resulted in 11,000 Danes being issued passports with missing fingerprints. The error could result in a traveller being turned around at passport control abroad. 

Since 2012, Danes have been issued with biometric passports containing digital photos, fingerprints and signatures. The biometric passport provides greater assurance that a passport cannot be forged or misused.

Computer error
For example, Greve Municipality – one of 44 municipalities that must create new, error-free passports for their citizens – will have to remake passports for 750 citizens who received new ones between 2 February and 23 March this year.

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The error in printing the passports was made by the private company Scantech. A faulty computer program failed to print the fingerprints. Scantech has said it will pay for the new passports.

Some have no problem
All citizens who recently received a passport are advised to check their passport. However, many municipalities do not use Scantech, so many will be fine. Greve’s municipal offices are extending their opening hours to help issue the new passports.