Zealanders out sick more often than Jutlanders

March 27th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Is it healthier to live in Jutland?

Maybe the folks in Jutland are correct when they call Zealand “the Devil’s Island”. Living there appears to make residents more prone to becoming ill than living in Jutland.

On average, those living in Zealand take 8.27 sick days a year as opposed to 7.95 among Jutlanders, according to the latest figures from Danmarks Statistisk.

Women miss more time than men
Zealanders in some regions outside the major cities report an absence rate of almost ten days per year, while in mid-Jutland, the numbers drop to just 5.7 sick days per year.

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Women miss much more time at work than men overall, both in Jutland and Zealand. They miss an average of ten days per year while men call in sick about six days a year. Women are also out for longer periods of time than their male counterparts.


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