Vino at the Chateau: The boutique winery setting standards for Piemonte pedigree

Vino at the Chateau heading back to Italy

Located in the Barbaresco district of Italy’s mountainous Piedmont region, Socré winery has long garnered an exceptional reputation in the winemaking industry.

In recent years, the family business has expanded and is now recognised for producing some of the best and most sought-after red wines in the country.

Socré’s stellar selection
Nestled deep within Italy’s northwestern countryside, Socré is surrounded by a vast array of pedigree Piemonte wine-makers.

Yet, with the assistance of Guido  Bussato, one of Italy’s leading oenologists and agronomists, Socré has succeeded in producing a stellar range of world-class wines that are fruity and full to taste.

At parties since 1999
Up until 1999, the Socrè winery sold the majority of its grapes to other winemakers, producing only a limited amount of wine for private consumption.

However, in recent years the boutique winery has been in high demand, due in part to its natural winemaking process in which the use of chemistry is omitted.

Socré specialises in three types of wine:

Socré Barbaresco
1050,- for 6 bottles

The Barbaresco is Socré’s exquisite flagship wine, made entirely from Nebbiolo grapes. It is a wine of class and elegance, representing a classic nose with notes of violets, cherries and a hint of liquorice. It is aged for 18 months in large French oak barrels, followed by six months in concrete vats before it is bottled. The bottled wine is then allowed to rest for an additional six months before sale. Best paired with red and white meat dishes, the Barbaresco is a superb and durable wine that can be enjoyed for 10-15 years. 

Socré Barbera
720,- for 6 bottles

Barbera d’Alba Superiore is a wine ubiquitous to the Piedmont region.  The Barbera grapes give the wine a dense colour with pleasant acidity, making it a classic companion to the Piedmontese cuisine of hearty meat dishes and classic stews. The wine is produced from grapevines that are more than 50 years of age, giving it depth in both fragrance and taste. It is aged in large barrels for a period of 12-18 months, followed by 6-12 months in cement tanks, before finally resting for six months in the bottle before sale. A superb wine that goes down a treat!

Langhe Nebbiolo
720,- for 6 bottles

Nebbiolo delle Langhe is the Barbaresco’s little brother. It is a soft and velvety wine with an intense aroma, holding traces of flowers and wild berries. Aged in oak barrels for a shorter period than the Barbaresco, this wine has a fruity taste and nose whilst still maintaining its plush-mouth feel. It represents an excellent all-round wine, which has plenty of flavour, is easy to drink and can be served alongside a broad range of dishes.

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