Almost half of Danes want to scrap DR licence

Less than a third agree they should pay

According to a new Epinion survey compiled for the DR program ‘Detektor’, nearly half of Danes are unhappy at having to pay for the obligatory DR media licence.

The survey showed that 47 percent of Danes completely or partially disagreed that they were willing to pay for national broadcaster DR’s content via the licence.

“It is an expression of dissatisfaction with the system,” Henrik Søndergaard, a media researcher at the University of Copenhagen, told DR Nyheder. “Some people feel that they are paying for something they don’t use, while others feel that they pay too much for it.”

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Money for nothing
The survey showed that 32 percent of those asked were completely or partially in agreement that they were willing to pay for DR’s licence, while 13 percent were neutral. A further 7 percent said that they “didn’t know”.

The price for the DR media licence is 2,460 kroner for 2015 and must be paid if a household is in possession of a device – television, computer, smartphone or tablet – that can receive DR content, whether they use those gadgets to view DR’s services or not.

Last October, DR revealed that four out of 10 smartphone and tablet owners between the ages of 18 and 29 did not pay the annual DR media licence.