A weekend getaway

Sweden – sights to see and places to visit this Easter

There is much to see and do in Sweden this Easter, and with the cities of Malmö and Helsingbørg a short train or ferry ride away from Denmark – why not make Sweden your holiday destination of choice.

The global city of Malmö
Sweden’s third-largest city has become a symbol of cross-border diversity. Malmö is a creative and inquisitive mini-metropolis on the border between Sweden and mainland Europe. Starting out as an industrial city, Malmö is now very much a knowledge hub, known for its environmental work and has been a Fairtrade City since 2006. The Eurovision Song Contest 2013, the European Eventing Championship 2013 and the World Junior Hockey Championship 2014 have shown that Malmö is the place to be in terms of international events.

Art and culture life in Malmö has gained a well-deserved reputation as one that is varied and high class. Here you will find a rich variety of cultural experiences for the whole family. Malmö invests in a broad cultural range, with both large institutions and many smaller operators and activities. Malmö also offers the best of Scandinavian and international design in the form of furniture and furnishings, jewellery and textiles. Malmö works for sustainable tourism so it is easy to choose a sustainable stay here. Many hotels are environmentally certified and restaurants and cafés have a wide selection of organic and local produce on their menus.

Don’t forget: Malmö’s glorious two-kilometre long beach Ribersborg Beach and Kallbadhuset, or “Ribban” within walking distance from the town centre.

Happening over Easter
Norooz 2015 – A great 13 day-concert with Persiann world-renowned artist Andy, who revolutionised the world of music with his great songs, together with Hengameh and Sasy Mankan! On the 3rd of April, they will together offer an unforgettable evening at Malmö Arena. Celebrate the new Persian year together and get a whole night of music, dance and the best mix by DJ Pouria. Malmö Arena will present you with the perfect layout for the occasion.
When: Friday, April 4, 2015
Time: 21:00
Where: Malmö Arena

Across the sea in Helsingbørg
Helsingör (Elsinore) is the gateway to Helsingbørg because of the beautiful ferry connection that runs between the two cities. It´s just 20 minutes by boat between the cities of Helsingbørg and Helsingør – between Sweden and Denmark. Buy your ticket on the ferry to Helsingbørg, and enjoy the view and the food onboard over as many trips there and back as you like. Then you’ll just hop off in Helsingbørg when you are ready to explore the city itself.

In Helsingbørg the sea is never far away. Salty spray and sand between your toes are part of everyday life during the summer months. Each summer the city organises a big festival free of charge, the Helsingbørg festival, with music, food and entertainment. But also during the rest of the year you can find a wide variety of culture, food, sport and experiences in Helsingbørg.

A stone’s throw from the sea you’ll find the architecturally celebrated areas of Norra Hamnen and Dunkers Kulturhus. Here you’ll find art and history exhibitions, music, theatre and restaurants. Close to Dunkers you’ll find Helsingbørg’s concert hall with its own symphony orchestra and Helsingbørg’s city theatre with several stages. If you’d like to dance, go to a concert or maybe see stand-up comedy, then Helsingbørg is the city for you. There are several clubs, bars and places to go dancing if you’re looking for good nightlife.

Happening over Easter
Take a trip to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk
Visit Louisiana together with Copenhagen Art Meetup and Malmö Internationals, and enjoy the exhibitions and spring surroundings. The Museum has a cafe and a nice park with sculptures, and a view of Øresund to the island of Hven/Ven.
When: Saturday, April 4, 2015
Time: 13:00
Where: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


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