Early-April performance: The Tiger Lillies are back!

Enough dancing to put a spring in your step

The Tiger Lillies ­­ perform Hamlet
April 8-25; Republique; Østerfælled Torv 37, Cph Ø; 295kr, republique.dk

This month, Republique will join forces with British cult band the Tiger Lillies to transform a classic into an explosion of music and visual imagery.

As part of its Reumert-nominated international tour, Republique performs a two-hour blast of theatrical seduction, deception, death and dark humour.

It’s the kind of exaggerated, poetic drama the whole family will enjoy, with a whole bunch of added surprises such as tightrope walking, puppets and imaginative video projections, all set to the gypsy-cabaret music of the worldrenowned band the Tiger Lillies.

The Visible Effects of Force
April 8-10, 20:00; Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 20, Cph V; tickets 125kr; dansehallerne.dk

A weird and wacky choreographic project initiated by Danish choreographer Marie Topp, this is a charged solo that explores the traces and effects of impact on the body.

The Moon Illusion
April 9-25; Københavns Musikteater, Kronprinsensgade 7, Cph K; tickets 125kr, teaterbillet.dk

Award-winning production company Rapid Eye combines circus, dance and visual theatre in its new production about the playful and mischievous world of illusions.

April 11-24; Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 20, Cph V; tickets 125kr, teaterbilletter.dk

Inspired by the Arab Spring, choreographer Tina Tarpgaard investigates human movement at demonstrations and welcomes the audience to the stage to feel the motion of the dancers.