South European immigrants flocking to Denmark

Big jump in Portuguese and Greeks

Denmark has become a more attractive place for south Europeans to settle down, according to the national statistics keeper Danmarks Statistik.

The figures showed that the number of south Europeans immigrating to Denmark has increased from 2,447 to 6,213 over the past decade.

“Some of these nations have experienced unemployment upwards of 50 percent, and this pushes them away from their homelands and to Denmark where the job opportunities are much better,” Peter Nedergaard, a professor in political science at the University of Copenhagen, told Metroxpress newspaper.

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Up all round
The Portuguese and Greeks are behind the largest percentage increase. In 2004, just 119 Portuguese and 106 Greeks immigrated to Denmark, compared to 615 and 519 last year.

The trend is similar for Italy, France and Spain, which saw respective rises of 645 to 2,020, 759 to 1,761 and 818 to 1,298 between 2004 and 2014.