Yahya Hassan to run as candidate for Nationalpartiet

Young poet aligns himself with new player in Danish politics

The controversial poet Yayha Hassan has announced himself as a candidate for the recently-formed political party Nationalpartiet, which is in the process of gathering voter declarations to make the ballot sheet for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“I represent Nationalpartiet to be part of uniting the different people in our society,” Hassan said.

Breath of fresh air
Kashif Ahmad, the leader of the party, expressed his satisfaction with the new candidate. “We are pleased and proud that Yahya has chosen to run for us and I’m looking forward to a continued collaboration,” he said.

“He’s a young breath of fresh air for the political landscape in Denmark.”

Nationalpartiet was founded in October 2014 by Ahmad and his two brothers. In order to qualify as a party in a general election the party needs to collect 20,000 signatures. It has so far accumulated 15,142, and there are fears that time is running out.

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Hassan rose to fame following the publication of a collection of his works in 2013 and has more recently been in the news for an assault conviction.