Copenhagen sees huge spike in baby carriage theft

Up 60 percent in three years

Having a baby is an expensive proposition in Denmark, as a glance at baby carriage prices can swiftly reveal. And now criminals have begun to take advantage of the fact that even used baby carriages cost thousands of kroner.

The number of reported baby carriage thefts in Copenhagen has shot up by 60 percent in just three years, according to new figures from the City Police.

“The time when you could leave your baby carriage unlocked in the stairwell or on the street is gone,” Jan Bjørn, a police inspector with the City Police, told Metroxpress newspaper.

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Easy money
A total of 324 baby carriages were stolen last year, compared to 275 the year before. Bjørn said the criminals primarily go for the expensive baby carriage models that can easily fetch in excess of 10,000 kroner.

The police don’t yet see any connection between the thefts and organised crime.

“They could be individuals who sell them on social media platforms and other online sale sites, or they keep them themselves,” Bjørn said.