Couple on trial for coupling in church

Horny couple accused of taking a sex tour through six churches in Zealand

A 30-year-old woman and her 35-year-old partner are on trial in Holbæk today, charged with vandalising and having sex in three churches in Zealand.

Police claim that on March 1, the couple had sex and threw a mixture of ash and wallpaper paste in churches in Ubby, Jorløse and Holmstrup, which are all located in northwest Zealand.

Another trial scheduled for May
Although today’s trial concerns those three churches, police say the couple got down to business in three other churches – in Snoldelev, Roskilde and an unknown location. The pair are scheduled to stand trial in May for those infractions.

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The couple are charged with violating Section 139, Paragraph 2 of the penal code covering the indecent treatment of sacred items.