Listeria found at McDonalds

April 8th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Potentially deadly bacterium found in vegetable mix

Listeria has been found in the root veggies used in some of McDonald’s sandwiches (photo: Evan Amos)

McDonald’s has warned the food authorities Fødevarestyrelsen that it has found listeria in two lots of the ‘juliennemix’ of root vegetables that it uses in some of its salads and sandwiches.

Products that may have been tainted with listeria were sold between April 1 and 7.

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The lots containing the bacterium have been pulled from the stores, and McDonald’s said that as of yet, they have not heard from any customers claiming to be ill from eating a sandwich or salad.

Call your doctor
McDonald’s advises anyone who feels ill and suspects they have been infected should contact their doctor.

People infected with listeria exhibit flu-like symptoms, including a fever and headache. In rare cases, listeria can cause meningitis and blood poisoning, according to Fødevarestyrelsen.


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