National bank to issue three commemorative coins to honour queen’s birthday

April 8th, 2015

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New coins will feature a unique perspective

Danish coins

Born under the Occupation. she lived her first five years under the Nazis

Danmarks Nationalbank will issue three commemorative coins on April 16 in honour of Queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday.

There will be a 500 kroner silver coin, a general circulation 20 kroner coin and a special proof version of the 20 kroner coin.

The Queen has chosen a more personal portrait for the face of the coin that shows her without a tiara and jewellery.

Unique view
Nationalbank artist Henrik Wiberg has created a motif showing the queen in a three-quarter profile. It is the first time she has been portrayed in that way on a coin.

The back motif  of the coin was designed by Jeanette Skov Jensen, a senior graphic designer at Danmarks Nationalbank. It was inspired by the queen’s artistic side and her motifs of Danish landscapes. It also includes the queen’s personal signature.

All three versions of the coin can be purchased, starting from today, at Danmarks Nationalbank, the royal online coin shop (kgl-moent.dk) and a few other financial institutions and coin shops.


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