Copenhagen declares war on rapists

New anti-rape campaign aims to shift people’s beliefs on victim blaming

The City of Copenhagen has launched an extensive anti-rape campaign this week in co-operation with the Centre for Sexual Abuse and the Copenhagen Police.

Only one in ten reports a rape
The campaign’s message is clear: rape is a crime – regardless of whether the victim was flirtatious, dressed in a fashion considered sexy or had drunk too much.

According to the statistics, the vast majority of sexual assaults occurs among people who knew each other beforehand, and only one victim in ten reports the crime.

Debunking victim blaming
This campaign aims to encourage more raped women to go to the police or to the Centre for Sexual Abuse at Rigshospitalet.

The campaign also aims to change people’s beliefs that getting raped is the victim’s fault and focuses on so-called ‘victim blaming’.

A recent study showed that one in seven Danes believe that rape is self-inflicted.

Vulnerable young people
In addition to reaching a wider audience and influencing their attitudes, the campaign is targeting young people aged 15 to 25 years old – the group they consider the most vulnerable.

The campaign, which started on Tuesday and will run over the following weeks, will appear on posters, flush ads, postcards, buses and social media, and at schools, citizen service centres, libraries, media, cafes, and fitness centres.