Films for every faith and folllowing

April 9-22; various locations and prices;

Eight cinemas – Empire Bio, Palads, Imperial, Vester Vov Vov, Cinemateket, Gloria, Grand Teatret and Dagmar – will be taking part in the sixth annual CPH:PIX film festival, offering two week of numerous film genres spanning many cultures.

Besides the films, there are a number of different categories, including PIX on Stage, which will see two Danish play versions of famous films being performed, and special on location showings of scary movies. ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, for example, will be screened on Nørrebro’s Elmegade and two horror films about haunted houses will be shown on spooky Krausesgade.

Traditionally, Al Pacino makes an appearance or two during the festival. Last year it was Cruising in Ørstedsparken, this year it’s The Merchant of Venice at Kronborg. If that’s not enough Pacino for one festival, he’s also in two other films.
Staying outdoors, the premiere of the fifth season of Game of Thrones is being shown at Østre Anlæg, while Frederiksberg Municipality is showing a classic Danish film outdoors.

Those who were young in the ‘70s can experience the disco madness of yesteryear in Northern Soul and 54: Directors cut. Both screenings are precursors to afterparties in the spirit of the films which will keep you dancing all until til next morning.

Nominations for the festival’s two prizes, Politikens Publikumspris and the New Talent Grand Prix, are sure to be a hot topic during the festival, so keep up!