Policy interventions shorten A&E waiting times

In Central Jutland, waiting times have been halved since 2011

The waiting time at accident & emergency has dropped significantly since 2011 in most Danish regions, DR reports.

The Capital Region and Central Jutland Region, in particular, have noted considerable reductions.

In Central Jutland, waiting times halved from 49 minutes in 2011 to 25 minutes in 2014.

Policy interventions are working
Ulla Astman, the chairman of the Health Committee at Danish Regions, believes policy interventions such as special solutions for people with minor injuries and mandatory telephone consultations with health professionals prior to A&E visits, have contributed to the improvement.

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Differences among regions
“There’s a big difference among the regions, but the places that have experienced significant waiting time reductions must be doing something right,” Mads Koch Hansen, the chairman of the Medical Association, told DR.

Hansen suggests that the regions that continue to struggle with long waiting times should learn from the practice of the more successful regions like Central Jutland.