Dansk Supermarked to change 80,000 light tubes

Lucie Rychla
April 9th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Saving big on electricity bill

Investing in environmetally friendly lighting pays off (photo: Tomasz Sienicki)

Dansk Supermarked – the owner of Føtex, Bilka, Netto, and Salling – is investing millions to change 80,000 light tubes at more than 500 stores across the country.

The group has decided to replace its fluorescent lamps with LED (light-emitting diode) tubes in order to save money on electricity consumption and reduce its carbon footprint.

The management expects the initial investment will see a return in a few years time.

Money saving solution
“LED lights provide an electricity saving of 53 percent and have about three times longer longevity than traditional lamps,” Ulrik Leth, the project manager and electrical engineer, told Berlingske Business.

Dansk Supermarked will install the new, environmentally friendly lighting in about one third of its 1,400 low-cost stores, including warehouses and offices.

Long lifespan
The LED tubes, supplied by Philips, have a lifespan of approximately 40,000 hours compared to the 13,000-hour fluorescent tubes.

This means they can be used for eight to ten years as shops typically stay open 5,000 hours a year.


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