Southern Sweden island cheaper than Copenhagen apartment

Island paradise going for ‘just’ 22.4 million kroner

Who needs a Copenhagen apartment when you can get your own Swedish island paradise.

With news that a Copenhagen apartment went up for sale for a record 30 million kroner earlier this month, one could be forgiven for looking elsewhere for a more affordable option.

Well, it’s not that much more affordable, but still, it’s an entire island. Located off the southern coast of the tiny Swedish region of Blekinge, which is located northeast of Scania, the island of Tjärö has been put up for sale at 22.4 million kroner.

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Island sanctuary
The island, located off the coast between Karlshamn and Karlskrona, consists of 310 hectares – one fourth of which is the land, while the rest is surrounding water.

Today, the island is owned by a tourism company and has 19 larger and smaller buildings, including a restaurant and a conference centre, all which are part of the package.

No people currently live on the island, which was originally inhabited in the mid-1600s. The Swedish Tourism Svenska Turistföreningen took over the island in 1939 before selling it to the current owners in 2008.