Denmark inks new co-op agreement with Poland

Politics, security, energy, environment, development, innovation and research on the agenda

The foreign minister, Martin Lidegaard, has signed a new agreement with his Polish counterpart, Gregorz Schetyna, in Barcelona today in a bid to strengthen the bilateral co-operation between Denmark and Poland.

Among other things, the agreement aims to create more and improved results in the bilateral co-operation within politics, security, energy, the environment, development, innovation, research, creativity, labour market conditions and agriculture.

“I am very pleased with our new agreement with Poland,” Lidegaard said. “We have many joint interests with Poland, which will have increased importance in terms of EU co-operation. That’s why it makes sense to strengthen our co-operation.”

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Georgia on their minds
Lidegaard revealed that he and Schetyna, along with the Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallström, would be travelling to Georgia later today in a bid to continue to help the country in its bid to strengthen its ties with the EU.

There are also plans afoot to hold digitalisation seminars in Warsaw and Copenhagen in the future, with both countries sharing their experiences in the area.

Last year, the Foreign Ministry said it expected Danish exports to Poland to double over the next six years to 33 billion kroner.