Fewer Danes support donation of development aid

Christian Wenande
April 13th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Development minister urges aid organisations to reach out

Year after year, Denmark continues to be among the nations in the world that give the most aid per capita. But the Danes themselves are becoming more sceptical.

According to a new Wilke survey for the Foreign Ministry, the number of Danes who support Denmark giving development aid to the poor countries of the world has fallen by 15 percent over the past five years.

“The figures show the vast majority of Danes still support the world’s poor and vulnerable,” said Mogens Jensen, the trade and development minister.

“But after some tough years with a financial crisis, it’s clear we can’t take the support for granted.”

“The best way to put it, I suppose, is that more people now have a slumbering outlook when it comes to international solidarity. We want to be woken up and engaged, but we need to be pushed.”

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A critical year
The survey also showed that fewer Danes believe the around 17 billion kroner of development aid, which Denmark spends every year, makes any difference. Many Danes want the money spent on improving welfare in Denmark first, and helping abroad second.”

Jensen urged NGOs and aid organisations to make their presence more felt with the Danes by explaining why Denmark is donating in certain places.

“It’s not about convincing, but engaging and exciting, and there is plenty to go around,” Jensen said. “We have the largest refugee movements since World War II, and later this year the UN will adopt a new global poverty level and sustainable development goals.”

“Many people have considered 2015 the world’s most important year, and I agree with that.”


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