Denmark’s first naked swimming championships to take place this month

On April 24 no clothes will be allowed at Blovstrød Svømmehal in Allerød

On April 24, Blovstrød Svømmehal in Allerød will host the first Danish championships in naked swimming, and even spectators will need to leave their clothes in the changing room, Lokalavisen reports.

The event is being organised by the swimming club Sigma Swim and the naturist organisation Danske Naturister. “As far as we know there has never been a contest in Denmark where both the competitors and the spectators are naked, but there is now,” the organisers told Lokalavisen.

Nakedness is a prerequisite
Since September 2014, there has been naked swimming on the last Friday of every month at Blovstrød Svømmehal, but April 24 will be the first with an element of competition. Men’s and ladies’ Danish champions will be crowned in the 50-metre naked crawl, the 50-metre naked breaststroke and 4×50 metre relay.

There will also be a break in the proceedings where everyone will be invited into the pool for “free swimming and play”.

Danske Naturister Copenhagen hopes for a big turnout. “Everyone is welcome, either to compete in the contest or just to cheer and play during the break, but nakedness is a prerequisite,” the organiser told the paper.

“We hope it will be a trendsetter for naked events across the country.”

You can sign up by writing to before April 21.