CPH PIX Film review: Black Souls

Try as they might, they can’t escape the ghosts of their pasts

Black Souls
Showing again 19/04 at 19:00 at Grand and 21/04 at 19:00 at Gloria

Here is an Italian film that re-introduces the dread-laden hopelessness of life in the mafia and, in doing so, re-invigorates the genre.

The film reeks of death and regret, while the authentic faces and locations lend a dusty realism that stays with you long after the credits.

Marco Leonardi, Fabrizio Ferracane and Peppino Mazzotta excel as three brothers drawn home to their tiny mountain village as the familys ghosts resurface and an old feud threatens to reignite.

Director Francesco Munzi delivers a universally solid cast and a film to rival the best of its ilk.