Copenhagen rubbish men refuse to work

April 15th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Bins are overflowing in the capital today

Rubbish collectors in Copenhagen are staging a work action today (photo: Alan Stanton)

Wondering why your rubbish wasn’t collected? Because close to 350 refuse workers in the city of Copenhagen refused to go to work today.

The work stoppage is in sympathy for eight colleagues who are in danger of losing their jobs. The workers should have been among 56 employees transferred to City Renovation from MLarsen-City, but City Renovation only needs 48 workers, according to Mike Stirling, the union rep at City Renovation.

“The municipality has backtracked and broken its word. We are shocked,” Stirling told DR Nyheder.

Held hostage
Stirling said he hopes the work stoppage will inspire a dialogue.

“A lot of people in Copenhagen are being held hostage, and that is sad, but they should direct their anger at the municipality,” he said.

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Refuse workers said they are taking the strike “one day at a time” and plan, at this point, to be back at work tomorrow morning.


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