Puppet Party lied about signatures

Christian Wenande
April 15th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Protest party busted over tall tale

Party pleased about the attention its ‘white lie’ drummed up (photo: Dukkepartiet)

A day after the protest party Dukkepartiet (the Puppet Party) announced that it was closing in on enough signatures to compete in the upcoming general election, the party has admitted to stringing the public along about its voter figures.

Dukkepartiet said yesterday that it had accumulated over 18,500 approved voter signatures to compete in the upcoming general election – the threshold is 20,260. But DR Nyheder revealed that the nation’s largest municipalities had only lodged very few signatures for the party.

“We are deeply sorry. It is Dukkepartiet’s hope that, as in other cases of political white lies, forgiveness can be found. Dukkepartiet will keep on fighting as if nothing has happened,” the party said.

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Reflection of politics
The party could actually not say at this time how many signatures they had attracted, but co-founder Egil Bargfeldt said that the ploy had given the party a lot of attention.

Bargfeldt went on to contend that the party’s lie was a reflection of the political society in Denmark.


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