If you’re going to see one mafia movie this weekend…

Make it ‘Black Souls’ not ‘Run All Night’

With CPH:PIX currently ruling the roost in every cinema in the city, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to seek out the general releases this week instead.

My advice is to throw yourself into the festival meleé but let’s presume you’ve got a soft spot for Kevin Costner, in which case Black Or White might tickle your fancy. Costner stars as a white man, recently widowed, fighting a legal battle for custody of his black granddaughter – the film has thus far earned a lukewarm reception.

Then there’s fledgling franchise The Giver, a young adult sci-fi film making a bid for Hunger Games popularity, which is reviewed at cphpost.dk.

Also out this week is Run All Night, the latest in a monotonous line of films to posit Liam Neeson as an ageing action hero. This time he’s a mobster who has to choose between his estranged son and his best friend – the catch being that his best friend wants his son whacked. The film has garnered middling to respectable press, but if you see only one mafia movie this weekend, let me make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Black Souls
April 19, 19:00; Grand & April 21, 19:00; Gloria
Anime Nera’s Black Souls is an Italian gangster drama that resonates with old world texture, authentic faces and locations. There’s a solid, dusty realism to this melancholy masterpiece that will stay with you for a long time after the credits.

The Smell Of Us
April 17, 21:30; Grand & April 19, 15:00; Empire & April 22, 16:45; Cinemateket
The Smell Of Us reunites KIDS director Larry Clark with teenagers.

April 21, 17:00; Gloria
Quentin Dupieux’s Reality concerns a little girl whose dad finds a videotape in the stomach of a wild boar. It gets stranger from there.

It Follows
April 19, 21:30; Grand
It Follows has been heralded as a revelation in horror. A young woman’s sexual encounter calls forth a supernatural force that starts following her will only stop when she sleeps with someone else.

The festival ends on April 22 – for full listings, see cphpix.dk.