Build shrines to the lord and lady of the ring

Purity Ring
Sun 19 April; Lille Vega; 20:00; 180kr

Founded by two Canadian electro-pop producers and musicians, Corin Roddick and Megan James, Purity Ring initially started out as an electronic music side-project. The founders were members of an indie rock group, Gobble Gobble, and this remained their priority until breakout success followed.

Best known for breaking the internet with a procession of dream-pop hits from their 2012 album Shrines – which included ‘Fineshine’, ‘Belispeak’ and ‘Ungirthed’ – the duo experienced fast-track success with tour dates booked on both sides of the Atlantic only months after their material went viral.

Subsequently the duo landed themselves collaborations with the likes of Jon Hopkins, Danny Brown and Angel Haze – as well as being shortlisted for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize.

Having recently released their eagerly anticipated second album, Another Eternity (2015), the duo have continued with their signature gentle song-structures.

Save for a lack of inventiveness, the band have proceeded with their initial project of blurring the lines between contemporary R ‘n’ B, soul and hip-hop.

The whole album, a sequel to their debut, represents a new departure point for a duo who started at the opposite end of the spectrum. Expect more graceful numbers to add to their repertoire of soft-edged synth-pop hits.