Four-year-old falls to her death from second floor window in Copenhagen

April 17th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Child was home alone when she climbed onto the windowsill

Edvard Grieg’s Gade is located in Copenhagen’s Østerbro neighbourhood (Photo) Leif Jørgensen

A four-year-old girl died instantly after falling from a second storey window of a flat located on Edvard Grieg Gade in Copenhagen’s Østerbro neighbourhood on Wednesday night.

Neighbours and relatives have put flowers and candles on the spot where the child fell after she climbed onto a second storey windowsill, slipped and fell. The child was alone at the time. According to police, her mother had run out for a “short errand” and returned to find her daughter dead.

“It was the girl’s mother along with some neighbours who found the child in the back garden and raised the alarm,” police spokesperson Ove Bundgård Larsen told BT.

Just a tragic accident
Police were called  just before 11:30 pm on Wednesday night. An ambulance was on the scene shortly afterwards, but the child was already dead.

A police investigation determined there was no foul play.

“Nothing suspicious was found,” said Larsen. “We have talked to residents of the complex and believe this is nothing more than a tragic accident.”


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