Government seeks to lessen medical paper work

New initiatives would streamline registration requirements

Saying that it takes valuable time away from patients, the government is looking to lessen the paperwork load for doctors and other hospital staff.

The plan is to reduce duplication and documentation required by the much maligned Danish Quality Model, which hospitals have been forced to implement since 2005.

“This does away with the complicated registration process that has been in place,” Nick Hækkerup, the health minister, told Politiken. “The criticism from health staff has been intense. They do not see why they should have to register so much information, or how it benefit patients.”

Hækkerup said that a “new focus” is required and announced the government’s new ‘National Quality health program 2015-2018’.

Nurses positive
Instead of measuring each small part of patient care, in the future the government will provide general national targets that individual hospital departments will be required to hit.

“I very much hope that hospital staff will be excited by this reduction of bureaucratic paperwork,” said Hækkerup.

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Head of the Nurse’s Association, Grethe Christensen, said it was ”very positive that the government has listened to the concerns of health professionals.