Last truckload of homegrown Aalborg Rød Aquavit leaves town

April 20th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Production moved to Norway after 84 years in Aalborg

Aalborg spirits will no longer be made in their namesake city (Photo: Lemsipmatt)

The final truckloads of Aalborg Rød Aquavit and Gammel Dansk pulled out of Aalborg today at around 10 this morning. Henceforth, the Danish icons will be produced in Norway.

“It’s a sad day,” Lars Kragelund, the technical director of the Norwegian company Arcus Group, which owns De Danske Spritfabrikker, the producer of the famous spirits, told DR Nyheder.

Arcus Group has chosen to move the production to an area outside of Oslo that offers more space and lower production costs.

Keeping the name
The distiller has been located in Aalborg for 84 years.

“We are losing a significant industrial company that has been part of Aalborg’s brand for many years,” said Aalborg mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen. “Many of us are sad.”

Even though it is no longer made in Aalborg, Aalborg Aquavit will keep its trademark name.

“It is a very important brand that is worth a lot of money,” said Kragelund.

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Arcus Group is working to create an interactive museum and a micro-distillery at the Aalborg location.

The 14 employees at the plant will lose their jobs.


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