Danish internet shopping nearing 100 billion kroner

April 20th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Number of Danes shopping online continues to grow

Danish online shopping is growing (Photo: Intel Free Press)

More and more Danes are using the internet to shop for clothes, electronics, travel and pretty much everything else.

New analysis by Foreningen for Dansk Internet Handel (FDIH), the Danish internet commerce association, reveals that Danes spent over 22 billion online during the first three months of 2015.

It is expected that Danes will spend over 90 billion kroner online by the end of the year – a 20 percent increase on last year’s 74 billion kroner.

Danish companies benefitting
“Digital commerce is growing unabated,” Annette Falberg, the head of FDIH, told DR Nyheder. “Everything points to an overall increase in e-commerce in 2015 of up to, if not over, 90 billion kroner.”

Internet commerce has tripled since 2009. For every 500 kroner spent, 125 kroner of that is spent online.

Danes completed 11,200,000 online transactions in March worth nearly 8 billion kroner. Nearly 70 percent of the e-commerce benefited Danish companies. The online transactions took place mostly within the country.


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