Poet Yahya Hassan assaulted again

April 20th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Controversial writer and political candidate attacked in Copenhagen

Poet Yahya Hassan was attacked over the weekend (photo: Mogens Engelund)

The poet Yahya Hassan, who recently announced himself as a candidate for the new political party Nationalpartiet, was assaulted at a Copenhagen disco over the weekend. Hassan had his hair pulled and was punched in the face.

“It happened out of the blue, without warning,” Nationalpartiet leader Kashif Ahmad told TV2 News. “Yahya was at the disco early on Sunday [morning] with some friends, and suddenly someone tore his hair from behind and someone else punched him on the right side of his head.”

Hassan’s bodyguards then stepped in. Witnesses said that three or four people were involved in the attack.

Hospital visit required
Hassan said on his Facebook page that he tried to defend himself.

“I was standing and talking to a woman when someone pulled my ponytail hard from behind. I turned to face him, and someone punched me in the face with their fist. I attempted to kick the two most aggressive attackers in front of me. Then the bodyguards got involved.”

Ahmad said that Hassan’s injuries required a trip to the hospital.

“I took him,” he said. “There was still swelling and discolouration in his right eye and he had pain in his jaw.”

Ahmad said that, after some discussion, it has been decided that the incident will be reported to the police sometime today.


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